Daniel Rösel | Software Solutions Architect

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ― Arthur C. Clarke


Hello! My name is Daniel Rosel and I'm a software solutions architect. I'm passionate about creating solutions that can help make people's lives easier and improve the overall quality of life. I believe in using technology and software to create innovative and effective solutions to challenging problems. I'm dedicated to making a positive impact in the world and I look forward to continuing to use my knowledge and experience to make a difference.


To support my introductory statement, here are some of my interests. Each link leads to a page with more subsections.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code
-Linux Torvalds

Most of the items in the above list are links that will take you to projects I have worked on or other experience I have, relating to each interest.




Sixty volunteers set about developing an online tool for selling vignettes on Friday evening. During the weekend-long meeting, they plan to create a system, free of charge to the state, with an interface to connect other parts needed to manage the toll. This is to replace part of the contract that the Ministry of Transport awarded to Asseco for CZK 401 million.

Emacs Conference 2022

This talk is aimed at those who would be interested in using Emacs for school purposes. What it will present the listeners with is a collection of tips and trick on how to be more efficient when taking notes and organizing student life. Methods should apply to a target audience studying at a university or high school.

Contact Information

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University Notes

Since starting university, I have been taking notes using org-mode and Emacs. This allows me to easily share my notes and study-guides with my peers and others. You can find them here: University Notes.

If you would be interested in how this is done, you can find the source-code here: University Study Notes.


You can find my gallery here: https://velocitatem.picfair.com/